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Phpfox footer menu + chat + audio/video

Phpfox footer menu + chat + audio/video


Make your phpfox more user-friendly: add a menu extra providing customizable menu items, notifications about various events, a menu to easily access common pages, and a count of your messages, friend requests and photo comments. We did not just strive to equip users with an advanced tool, but also to make this tool as usable as possible, so that it would not take you ages to make an optimized menu. AJAX chat is a great solution for real-time text messaging. This will make you community more popular among users! Learn More
Phpfox New Generation Login v1.0

Phpfox New Generation Login v1.0


Want to add a new spicy feature to your website which will boost your members count? Make the process of navigation through your website captivating and unique! Try the most fresh invention from Attractivestyle team - the Next Generation Login mod. Simplified login form with "Login", "Email" fields and a password field with a combination of circles you are to remember, which further on will be used as a user password. Simply drag the circles as if drawing a figure.

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We wish to draw your attention to phpFox Gift mod. This phpfox mod has a great number of functions. With its help you can earn money in your community project, receiving money for gifts sent by users. You can also raise members activity as it is possible to pay for gifts using activity points. Look at the demo here. Learn More
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